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How to Treat Dry Brittle Hair


Brittle hair has lost most of its moisture. When moisture content is not sufficient, cortex and cuticle damage results, as does porosity. This is what causes hair to become dry, lose its pliability, and feel and look straw-like.

Step 1

Dry hair is an indication that you may need more fatty acids in your diet. Eat more avocados, nuts or salmon

Step 2

Dry hair may also be caused by lack of certain vitamins. Take extra zinc and iron supplements

Step 3

Help dry hair become healthy again by eating whole grains, beans, eggs, mushrooms, soy, root vegetables, greens and dried fruit

Step 4

Hair Tonic Recipe: Simmer young nettle leaves in 10 cups of hot water. Cool to lukewarm. Wash your hair with the tonic, scrubbing the scalp vigorously to help improve circulation, which in turn produces oils that make your hair healthy